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As events are organised throughout the year they will be posted below. Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for more information.

Download a list of events in Iseo town.

  • poster

    Christmas concert

    16th December 2012

    The Società Operaia di Mutuo Soccorso in Iseo is pleased to announce a Christmas concert on Sunday the 16th of December at 15.30.

    Location: Pieve di S. Andrea, Iseo

  • Riva di Solto

    Autumn on the Hill - Autunno in Collina

    5th October 2012 - 16th December 2012

    Aperitifs with themes, tastings of local products (slow food) and gatherings in local bars and restaurants.

    Location: Bars and restaurants, Solto Collina

  • Lovere

    October Flavours

    3rd October 2012 - 7th October 2012

    Food and wine fest with regional dishes and music entertainment.

    Location: Giardini Fanti d'Italia, Lovere

  • Sulzano

    Wild Boar Week - Sagra del Cinghiale

    1st October 2012 - 7th October 2012

    One week of tastings with menus offering wild boar dishes in all the restaurants in town, from Monday until Sunday. 

    Location: Restaurants, Sulzano

  • biker


    30th September 2012

    International mountain bike competition from the lake to Franciacorta and back.

    Location: Iseo

  • lovere

    International short film festival

    27th September 2012 - 29th September 2012

    An international short film awards with renowned national actors.

    Location: Cinema-teatro Crystal, Lovere

  • Lo Sbarazzo

    23rd September 2012

    Throughout the day the tradesmen will be in Piazza Cavour to exhibit food delicacies, household accessories and items for personal care, shoes and clothing, gifts.

    Location: Piazza Cavour, Rovato

  • Erbusco

    Festival del Franciacorta

    22nd September 2012

    A weekend of guided tastings of Franciacorta wine and visits to the wine cellars

    Location: Wine Cellars

  • A week of historical re-enactments of the queen of Cipro's coming

    22nd September 2012 - 30th September 2012

    Religious celebrations and historical re-enactments of the queen of Cipro's entry into Iseo. Duck-based menus in restaurants participating in the events.

    Location: Squares and Restaurants, Iseo

  • mushrooms

    Mushroom and Chestnut Festival

    22nd September 2012 - 23rd September 2012

    Stalls selling mushrooms and chestnuts, accompanied by food stands and shows.

    Competition for the biggest mushroom and the best basket of chestnuts. Mushroom-based menues in restaurants participating in the event.

    Location: Pisogne