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A Sports centre on the Lake

A Sports centre on the Lake


On the water in the moonlight

Experience a unique and unforgettable experience on Lake Iseo. Our instructor Nicola Lannone will take you on a dusk tour of the dramatic rock ravines that encircle a spectacular lake cove. Once in total darkness the lake’s secret magic can really be felt. For a few minutes we’ll illuminate the vertical cliffs that fall into the lake. The powerful torch creates an ancestral spectacle of light and shadow.

Then in the dead of the night we’ll make our way back with only the rhythmic stroke of our paddles accompanying us back from our incredible adventure. On arrival we’ll join the canoes side by side to form an artificial island float and experience music that will linger in your heart for a long time to come.

Once onshore, just before midnight, we will meet in the clubhouse for a well-deserved refreshment.


8.30 pm - Meet at the water sports centre
8.40 pm - Technical briefing
9.00 pm - Departure
0.00 am - Midnight in Club House


Canoes, paddle, lifebuoy, lights, watertight bags, guide.

The sports centre is equipped with a defibrillator, a lifeboat on standby, a first-aid kit, a Club House, closets for storing personal effects, and bathrooms.

We accept bookings up to 2 days prior. Free cancellation within 48 hours in the event of bad weather.


30.00 per adult / €15.00 for ages 10 to 14 (accompanied by parents).


Friday 27th July
Friday 03 August
Friday 24 August
Friday 31 August
Friday 21 September
Friday 28 September