The mountain rises out of the lake and looms ever larger as the boat makes its final approach. There is a sense of anticipation in the air. What will we be doing today? Will we make it to the top? How will my team perform?

Two friendly guides meet us off the boat. It doesn't take long for them to give us simple instructions and hand over our challenge pack. In it is a map, some questions and the written rules of the game.

Then half of us are blindfolded and our team mates take turns directing us where to place our puzzle pieces. It takes us 5 min 42 secs to complete the first challenge and we're off to station #2. As we run we read the instructions. We're to make a human pyramid. Points are awarded for the fewest points of contact with the ground. We're 18 people and manage to create a structure with only 5 legs touching the ground.

We find a shortcut to the next station and are making good time. It takes us 6 min 5 secs to untangle our human chain and we set off for the geometry challenge. I may not have been particularly helpful for the previous two challenges but mathematics has always fascinated me.

High fives from the team as we get the answer in record time and it's time for a dash for the finish. We're panting hard but smiling. Can't wait to hear the rankings. But more than anything I'm looking forward to a delicious lunch and a glass of wine. The kids are going to love hearing about today.