If you want to complete a full day out on the lake with dinner or lunch here are some of the options:

Starters € 5.00

Salami, raw, cup, savory pie with vegetables
Goats, salted meat, Grilled vegetables

First Courses € 7.00

Ravioli Camuni
Risotto with radicchio alla Fatulì
Risotto with seasonal vegetables and curry
Risotto with asparagus and Franciacorta sparkling wine
Trofie alla Ligure (pesto, potatoes and string beans)
Spelled salad
Lasagna with meat or vegetables
Spinach and ricotta crepes
Crepes ham and fontina

Second courses € 8.00

Roast veal with rosemary potatoes
Braised Tuscan Arista (pork) with rosemary
Roast rabbit with olives and mushrooms
Stuffed rolls
Peppered mussels
Baked Sea Bream Fillet with Almonds

Side dishes (included in seconds)

Potatoes with rosemary
Grilled vegetables
French fries
Seasonal salad

Desserts € 4.00

(free for those who choose the full menu Starter + first + second)
Fruit salad with seasonal fruit with ice-cream
Ice cream
Cake of the day

Drinks € 9.00

Still white or red wine