MonteIsola Challenge

240 participants. 4 boats landing at 4 ports. 12 teams. I mountain to climb with 5 team challenges on the way.  


Other team building options

Below are some of the possibilities we offer. We'd love to hear from you if you'd like to do something else. The events can also include theoretical preparation and a debriefing to explore the lessons learnt. 

 Look at the strange things we find


This makes for a fun, energetic and uplifting day of adventure. Teams can compete to find small, hidden boxes either on Monte Isola or on the mainland. Participants have to work together to decipher clues. Sometimes we use other times we set or own treasure hunts with personalised clues.

 More strange things...


The Monte Isola challenge video above or this blog post show the kind of adventure you can expect. The challenges can be customised to suit your team's focus. Experience has shown that it is especially effective to carry out some team preparation activities and lessons learnt debriefing to get the most out of the day in the long run.

2014.07.31 Maya Birthday 050.JPG


We are open to your ideas. Would you prefer a gentle bicycle ride to a nearby vineyard with plenty of time to socialise or an intense hill race to get your competitive juices flowing? From sailing to fine dining we enjoy the challenge.