Unique lake-view house for sale

Unique lake-view house for sale

We are selling a large two-room apartment with beautiful lake view in a beautiful quiet area. It breaks our heart but we need a bigger house for our growing family.

Sunset over Iseo.jpg

The apartment features a bright living area on the first floor fitted with a custom kitchen.

A spacious balcony overlooks Lake Iseo, Monte Isola and the surrounding mountains. There is also a bathroom with shower, sink and toilet with and an entrance area for storage and a washing machine. 

Both floors have large French windows, exposed beams throughout and terracotta floors.

Outside is a terrace area and a vegetable garden.


On the ground floor there is a large double bedroom, storage area under the stairs and a large bathroom with bathtub, toilet, bidet and sink.


The top front door gives to a paved section of an historic Roman hiking route (Valeriana) and many forest walks. The house is two minutes away from the entrance to the main Val Camonica highway that leads up to skiing areas one way and Franciacorta’s vineyards and Brescia the other. 

The heating is natural gas and the solar panels for water mean no water heating is required from April to October.

Do get in touch if you would like more information. The asking price is €300,000.

A Sports centre on the Lake

A Sports centre on the Lake


On the water in the moonlight

Experience a unique and unforgettable experience on Lake Iseo. Our instructor Nicola Lannone will take you on a dusk tour of the dramatic rock ravines that encircle a spectacular lake cove. Once in total darkness the lake’s secret magic can really be felt. For a few minutes we’ll illuminate the vertical cliffs that fall into the lake. The powerful torch creates an ancestral spectacle of light and shadow.

Then in the dead of the night we’ll make our way back with only the rhythmic stroke of our paddles accompanying us back from our incredible adventure. On arrival we’ll join the canoes side by side to form an artificial island float and experience music that will linger in your heart for a long time to come.

Once onshore, just before midnight, we will meet in the clubhouse for a well-deserved refreshment.


8.30 pm - Meet at the water sports centre
8.40 pm - Technical briefing
9.00 pm - Departure
0.00 am - Midnight in Club House


Canoes, paddle, lifebuoy, lights, watertight bags, guide.

The sports centre is equipped with a defibrillator, a lifeboat on standby, a first-aid kit, a Club House, closets for storing personal effects, and bathrooms.

We accept bookings up to 2 days prior. Free cancellation within 48 hours in the event of bad weather.


30.00 per adult / €15.00 for ages 10 to 14 (accompanied by parents).


Friday 27th July
Friday 03 August
Friday 24 August
Friday 31 August
Friday 21 September
Friday 28 September

Dinner or Lunch at the Clubhouse

Dinner or Lunch at the Clubhouse

If you want to complete a full day out on the lake with dinner or lunch here are some of the options:

Starters € 5.00

Salami, raw, cup, savory pie with vegetables
Goats, salted meat, Grilled vegetables

First Courses € 7.00

Ravioli Camuni
Risotto with radicchio alla Fatulì
Risotto with seasonal vegetables and curry
Risotto with asparagus and Franciacorta sparkling wine
Trofie alla Ligure (pesto, potatoes and string beans)
Spelled salad
Lasagna with meat or vegetables
Spinach and ricotta crepes
Crepes ham and fontina

Second courses € 8.00

Roast veal with rosemary potatoes
Braised Tuscan Arista (pork) with rosemary
Roast rabbit with olives and mushrooms
Stuffed rolls
Peppered mussels
Baked Sea Bream Fillet with Almonds

Side dishes (included in seconds)

Potatoes with rosemary
Grilled vegetables
French fries
Seasonal salad

Desserts € 4.00

(free for those who choose the full menu Starter + first + second)
Fruit salad with seasonal fruit with ice-cream
Ice cream
Cake of the day

Drinks € 9.00

Still white or red wine

A Team Building adventure

A Team Building adventure

The mountain rises out of the lake and looms ever larger as the boat makes its final approach. There is a sense of anticipation in the air. What will we be doing today? Will we make it to the top? How will my team perform?

Christo's Floating Piers

Christo's Floating Piers

This was a once in a lifetime event - 1.5 million visitors came to Lake Iseo over a two week period. I had watched as Christo's team assemble the pieces of the peer but the sight of bright orange lines stretching across the lake to the island still took me by surprise. 

But nothing could prepare me for the delight of stepping onto the masterpiece. There was a gentle, undulating wave motion as we walked across the water and the soft tissue felt great under bare feet. People all around were smiling and in a state of play. 

See more about the project here: www.thefloatingpiers.com

Beautiful Natural Spot


Beautiful Natural Spot

A hidden Amazonian forest waterfall just 5 minutes’ walk away from my home. It is barely out of sight and sound of the main Brescia – Val Camonica highway that bridges the river’s valley. Thousands pass overhead each day without ever imagining that just below is a place of outstanding natural beauty. This adds to its charm and is the reason that, of all the secrets, I’ve chosen it as #1.

It is located just a few minutes’ walk up from Sulzano, along the main valley that leads to Nistisino and Santa Maria del Giogo. The waterfall itself is 10m high and is nestled in a tropical microclimate full of dense vegetation, vined walls and sense of other worldliness. Alternatively, it can be reached by turning downhill off the Strada Valeriana just before the road reaches the main highway’s Sulzano exit.


5 reasons why Lake Iseo is the best place to camp in Northern Italy

5 reasons why Lake Iseo is the best place to camp in Northern Italy

If you are considering a Southern European camping trip and are still not convinced you’ve found the right place consider Lake Iseo: the North Italian Lake that offers something unique and off the beaten track. Although the area is rich in cultural heritage and history I have chosen to focus on the following five reasons to come camping here: It is beautiful; it has great facilities; there are lots of things to do; the food and wine is excellent and it is easy to get to. 

Cultural Bike Tour


Cultural Bike Tour

There are castles, convents and villas dotted all around Franciacorta and the Lake Iseo area. Many of the churches in and around Iseo Town have some remarkable and little known art. There are also a number of museums that are well worth a visit (these will be listed soon). The itinerary below can be done in less than a day and gives a glimpse of the hidden history of the Franciacorta area. The numbers correspond to those on the maps. See the bottom of th epage for a general map.